Bodin’S music in james cameron’s story of science fiction

We have received late confirmation that Don’s music has secured placement in James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction on AMC Season 1. More details as we get them.

We have received late confirmation that Don’s music has secured placement in James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction on AMC Season 1. More details as we get them.

Don Bodin delivers Custom MUSIC for Ready Player One TRAILER AND Promotional campaign

Just got the official go ahead to share that my custom music for the Ready Player One promotional campaign is live.

Check it out here.


Obscura Nominated for 2 IMA Awards


I am thrilled and honored to announce that I have been Nominated for 2 Independent Music Awards.

My Obscura EP was a passion project full of experimentation and created in many ways to balance to all high-octane epic advertising/trailer music I worked on last year.

Even though millions of listeners have heard my tracks accompanying commercials, games, and TV it is thrilling to be recognized as a recording artist/producer with my track "Eleven Point Seven Five" nominated for BEST Instrumental Song and my 2017 release "Obscura" nominated for BEST Dance/Electronica EP.

With the heart of the recordings being a rather odd mashup of covert piano recordings, string sessions, and modular synths I am thrilled the album will get a chance to be heard by others outside of my circle!

If you haven't heard it check it out here or on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube or anywhere you stream music.

Promotional Video for "Eleven Point Seven Five" from my new EP Obscura

Don Bodin Scores Big for Manolo Blahnik Handbag Commerical

MUSIC FOR ADvertising




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Don Bodin Award Winner Music Composer and Producer

Los Angeles Professional Film, Television, Media, Soundtrack, Score

Based in Los Angeles, Music Composer Don Bodin works exclusively on creating music soundtracks and scores for advertising, commercials, spots, promotional films, film, tv, television, media, games, video games using both traditional orchestral as well as contemporary studio techniques to create moving music soundtracks and under score that enhance a directors vision. Don Bodin, has been called an ” up-and-coming hollywood composers “, and is based Los Angeles, CA.

Hollywood Film Composer Don Bodin Award Best Score for Commercial Advertising at Hollywood Music in Media Awards
Most recently Composer Don Bodin has scored original custom music for Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One 'Dreamer' Trailer and promotional Campaign. Composer Don Bodin Awarded Best Score for a Commercial Advertisement at Hollywood Music In Media Awards Music composer Don Bodin was honored with a Hollywood Music In Media Award for his work on music created for a Toyota commercial for Saatchi and Saatchi London ( United Kingdom / England UK). Los Angeles November 26, 2013 – Music Composer Don Bodin took home the award for Best Score for a Commercial Advertisement for his work on the Toyota of Europe commercial “Toyota Verso Features” at the sixth annual Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA) held at the Ford Theater in Hollywood on Thursday, Nov. 21, 2013.

The accolade comes at the end of a busy year for Bodin who recently scored several spots and promotional films for Toyota of Europe and Yamaha Motors as well as original music for the App “Art And Skin Volume 1”, the worlds first 3D Tattoo Appzine which is scheduled for a release on Apple’s App Store next month.

DON BODIN ON THE RED CARPET CELEBRATING HIS WIN Among the winners at the HMMA’s, kudos were doled out to composer Jeff Beal who won best TV score for the Netflix series “House of Cards.”; Bear McCreary for original theme music for a TV show (AMC’s “Walking Dead”); David Schwartz, Mitch Hurwitz and Gabriel Mann for song in a TV show (“Getaway” from “Arrested Development”); and Jeff Broadbent for the video game score (“PlanetSide 2”).

DON WITH FELLOW AWARD WINNER JEFF BROADBENT CELEBRATING AFTER THE AWARDS SHOW About Don Bodin Bodin has composed and produced original music for over 50 spots and promotional films as well as contributed music to several independent films, documentaries, television shows and is credited as collaborating with Lance Hayes on music for the Forza Motorsport XBOX soundtrack. In addition to his music for media work, Bodin also has released eight albums of instrumental music. Most notably his album “Greed, Lust and Cloning” which contains music that has been licensed over 25 times for use in commercials, films and television. About the Hollywood Music In Media Awards Nominations for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards are determined by a five-person advisory board that includes composers John Debney and Christopher Young; ASCAP senior director of film & TV music Michael Todd; singer-songwriter and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Dave Mason; and Del Breckenfeld, director of entertainment marketing at Fender Musical Instruments Corp. The winners are then voted on by approximately 100 pros comprised of music supervisors, studio and network music execs, composers and songwriters..

Hollywood Film Composer

Don Bodin creates musical scores that cross many genres. Orchestral, jazz, chamber, rock, electronic and ethnic tones tint the scores he creates for professional assignments as well as for his contemporary fine art music. As a music producer, he has produced albums, scores and soundtracks in Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle. Don’s clients include Film Makers, Game Developers, Television Producers, Advertising Agencies, Design Firms, Musicians, in need of original music score. Music Composition and Album Production

Composer Music For Advertising , Spots , Commercials

Don Bodin has written, produced and released several albums sense starting his music production company, Endocrinemusic.. Those releases include: Greed, Lust And Cloning – a sci-fi espionage score for a film that never was; Like Rabbits – A Dramatic, Orchestral score – originally created for Director Whitney Lauritsen short film “Lately”; The Ballad of Big Shot Volume 1 – the single – A Sports Anthem and Silentium est Alurum – A quirky instrumental album made of dominate wind melodies with hip-hop style beats all performed live by the Mortor Pestle Society Orchestra., The Radioactive Werewolf and other tales from the South West, This One’s Gonna Leave A Mark. In addition, Don has also contibuted his mixing and producing skills on several albums including Chris Schleyer’s Affect; an industrial rock project featuring members of Prick, Kill Hannah, Zeromancer and Kidney Thieves. In 2009 Don Bodin produced and composer the album The Radioactive Werewolf and other tales from the Southwest. This album spans Morricone-hybrid instrumentals to alternative southern rocks songs and plays out like a David Lynch soundtrack. The Radioactive Werewolf, which includes performances by Alain Whyte (Morrissey) and Chris Schleyer (Prick, Kidney Theives), is not for the faint-at-heart and may only appeal to a cross section of eclectic cross-genre-loving music fans.


Recent Film, Television and Video Game and Commerical Advertising Spot Experience

Don has contributed original music and score for several projects. His most recent score for video game related platform was for the App Art and Skin, Winner of the 2014 UNITY AWARD for Best Non Game App ( Video Game) as well as music for commercial use include: Toyota Prototype FHVS Video Presentation, “Be In a Movie with will Ferrell” Big Crowd’s “Semi Pro” 30 sec spot, Maas well as music for, has also contributed music to TV programs airing on the National Geographic channel as well as the Discovery Channel. Don has also scored music for the full length documentary “Becoming family: A Tsunami Relief Documentary” by Director Carl Strecker, feature films “The Bad Game”, “Fuego”, “Mexican Gangster”, “Death of Evil” from director Damian Chapa as well as several award winning short films including: Latley, Mr. Limonade Stand, Orphan, Movie Monster Insurance, Gretchen.

Don relocated to Los Angeles in 2002, brushed up on film scoring at UCLA and is currently writing and producing film score as well as pop music collaborations with such artists as Alain Whyte (Morissy), Gerard Marino (God of War), Chris Schleyer’s ‘Affected’ project (Prick, Kidney Thieves, Zero Mancer, Stabbing Westward) as well as the industrial trio ‘Dread and The Fugitive Mind’.

Member of ASCAP American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers

Don has forgone creating individual demos for orchestral, music for commercials, music for advertising, drama, dramatic music, horror, suspense, thriller, action, science fiction, sci-fi, love, romance, rock, electronic, goth, gothic, darkwave, jazz, be-bop, ragtime, cajun, bluegrass or ambient but instead has opted for a sample variety of tracks.